for the XC Platform


  • Dual GbE RJ45 or SFP ports for data (1x in, 1x out)
  • Secure transmission over the Internet
    • Encryption algorithms: AES 128, AES 192, AES 256
  • Reliable transmission over the Internet
    • Retransmission mechanism on packet loss
    • Configurable latency buffer for retransmissions
  • Operational modes:
    • SRT input
    • SRT output
  • Transmission modes:
    • Caller
    • Listener
    • Rendezvous
  • 1 slot wide
SRT IO with dual GbE RJ45 or SFP, (1x in 1x out) for secure and reliable transmission over the Internet. Caller, Listener and Rendezvous modes. Configurable latency buffer.

XC Platform Modules

Hi-density, modular and hot-swappable. The XC5000 and XC5100 use the same set of modules and same software, with different front plates. XC5000 models shown except where noted.

XC 5000 Switch

XC 5100 Switch