Bulk Descrambler

for the XC Platform


  • Descrambles up to 250 services (850 Mbit/s)
  • Integrated with soft clients for ECM handling
    (no smart card required)
  • DVB-CA and AES descrambling
  • Integrated with Verimatrix and Latens
  • BISS descrambling
  • 1 slot wide
Bulk descrambles up to 250 services (850 Mbit/s). Integrated with soft clients for ECM handling.

XC Platform Modules

Hi-density, modular and hot-swappable. The XC5000 and XC5100 use the same set of modules and same software, with different front plates. XC5000 models shown except where noted.

XC 5000 Switch

XC 5100 Switch