Chunked CMAF

CMAF (ISO/IEC 23000-19) specifies a multimedia format, based on ISOBMFF and fragmented mp4. The application model assumes a manifest and player, but CMAF does not specify a manifest, player, or delivery protocol. This allows both HLS playlists and DASH manifests to reference CMAF containers, thus decreasing packaging and and CDN requirements and costs.

CMAF introduces the concept of "chunks" within segments, and Chunked Transfer Encoding (CTE). Each chunk can be immediately published upon encoding, allowing the client to access the media data before the segment is completely finished, allowing for near real-time delivery.

Chunked CMAF provides the foundation within Low-Latency HLS (preliminary specification) and Low-Latency DASH (IOP Guideline).

In addition to open up for low-latency streaming for both HLS and DASH, CMAF is a requirement when delivering HEVC, 4K or HDR content with HLS, as Apple does not support HEVC in TS containers.

Appear TV’s ABR provides ingest, just-in-time packaging and origin for CMAF streaming. The X Platform provides low-latency encoding and transcoding, whilst our software-based video compression delivers both file and live transcoding for streaming.

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