Product overview

Appear’s product portfolio cover the entire value chain of professional video delivery. A conscious choice of combining hardware with software ensures optimal performance, regardless of market. Our hardware is modular, hot-swappable, space- and power-efficient, and features Appear patented redundancy. Our software operates on COTS servers, ensuring an open future-proof architecture that can be deployed on dedicated servers or in an open cloud environment.

X Platform

A hardware powerhouse, the X platform addresses the Remote production, Contribution and Distribution markets. Purposely built for all future compression needs, the X series supports AVC, HEVC, TICO and JPEG2000 compression and decompression. It is a high-capacity, ultra low latency platform with video firewall functionality. The X can be delivered either as a 1 RU – X10, or a 2 RU – X20 chassis. Small on rack space, power efficient, modular, hot-swappable and with built-in redundancy, it is the most powerful and efficient video processing unit on the market. The modules are interchangeable between X10 and X20.

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