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Products & Solutions

Appear’s product portfolio cover the entire value chain of professional video delivery. A conscious choice of combining HW with SW ensures optimal performance, regardless of market. Split into 4 sub-categories, the Appear Product Ecosystem encompasses 2 HW options and 2 SW options. The HW is modular, hot-swappable, ultra-dense and features Appear patented redundancy. The SW, ranging from SW Transcoding, ABR to offline compression can operate on COTS servers, ensuring an open future-proof architecture that can be deployed on dedicated servers or in an open cloud environment.


A HW powerhouse, the X series addresses the Distribution and Contribution market. Purposely built for all future compression needs, the X series supports AVC, HEVC, TICO and JPEG2000 compression and decompression. It is a high-capacity, ultra low latency platform with a default video firewall functionality. The X can be delivered either as a 1 RU – X10, or a 2 RU – X20 chassis. Small on rack space, power efficient, modular, hot-swappable and with built-in redundancy, it is the most powerful and efficient video processing unit on the market. The modules between the two chassis are interchangeable.


The all-round, multi-purpose XC chassis addresses the Broadcasting market. With a range of modules it provides all functionality required in a broadcast distribution head-end. It can be delivered as a 1 RU – XC5100, or a 4 RU – XC5000 chassis. Versatile with numerous redundancy options, the XC can be customized according to market segments; Cable, Satellite, Terrestrial, FTTH, Corporate or OTT. The module ecosystem of the 4 RU – XC5000 allows for variations and iterations by mixing and matching down to the core of any broadcasting requirement.


Part of the Appear Software Portfolio

Unmanaged IP networks are not necessarily capable of transmitting high quality video predictably, and available bandwidth varies from user to user. The ability to adapt to changing network conditions is one of many features that make up the Appear ABR Linear Packager. From Ingest, Compression to Packaging, a holistic solution can be designed for complex requirements within the OTT domain. The Appear ABR software runs on industry standard off-the-shelf COTS servers, is encoder vendor agnostic and supports a number of deployment architectures.

SW Compression for Datacenters

Part of the Appear Software Portfolio

OTT solutions need to be capable of delivering optimal live video on multiple formats, regardless of distribution networks and viewing device. Software datacenter compression is a great way to utilize already existing infrastructure, while optionally deploying part of the infrastructure onto the cloud. The Appear Live OTT Transcoder enables broadcasters and operators to provide high quality multiscreen services through industry off-the-shelf COTS hardware.