Appear builds solutions for longevity, scalability and efficient operation. Centered on an evolving system philosophy, the ability to mix and match functionality means different applications can be handled simultaneously. There is nothing preventing an operator from catering for different market segments in the same system. Ease of upgrade and interchangeability massively extends the lifeline of an Appear solution, significantly reducing OPEX and increasing ROI. Regardless of requirements, the diverse product portfolio caters to the magnitude of requirements within professional video networking.

The dedicated, highly compact, modular Appear contribution platform supports optical/electrical SDI conversion to/from SDI-over-IP. Built to handle bitrates in the uncompressed domain, as well as compression in the contribution market, it supports TICO, JPEG2000, AVC and HEVC with ultra-low-delay mode. Interoperability and standards compliance is a key asset of the platform. It has specifically been designed for an IP-based or a satellite infrastructure, where the satellite modulator and demodulator supports the higher order modulation schemes. For IP-based systems, the platform has a default video firewalling functionality for seamless and secure video handling of thousands of streams simultaneously. Encoding and decoding is supported within a single application. Redundancy is ensured through an intuitive and efficient user interface where full control is achieved by external scheduling and monitoring of all operation. The benefits of a “living system” entails significant economical and operational advantages, both long and short-term. Less space is needed to do more, while complexity and power requirements is kept at a minimum.

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The X Platform

Appear X10 and X20 for contribution & remote production. Ultra low latency TICO, JPEG2000 and HEVC. Encoding, transcoding and decoding

Within the OTT domain, Appear offers an extensive solution of adaptive bitrate encoding, transcoding packaged output. Our transcoding solutions to multiscreen video profiles are provided by either an efficient dedicated hardware solution or alternatively a flexible software server cluster that can be deployed either on premise or in the cloud. The system features just-in-time packaging to any streaming format and is integrated with the majority of DRM vendors in the market.

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