HEVC Transcoder

HEVC (H265) is the successor to the AVC (H264) codec. Appear TV provides professional HEVC encoders, HEVC transcoders and HEVC decoders for remote production, contribution, video networking and distribution within the broadcast and OTT domains. The Appear X platform delivers high-density, low-latency live decoding, transcoding and encoding up to 8K HDR, whilst our software-based video compression delivers both file and live transcoding. Both products support multiscreen adaptive bitrate  transcoding up to 4K with HDR for OTT and streaming.

The HEVC codec offers significantly improved quality at the same bitrate as AVC. In addition, HEVC supports resolutions up to 8K and noumerous HDR formats including HLG and HDR10. For applications not requiring these features, focusing on SD/HD, legacy support and/or backwards compatibility, you may also consider AVC encoders and AVC transcoders.

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