Press release: Appear TV pushing to the clouds with Akamai encoder qualification

Oslo, Norway – Appear TV, a a leading provider of next-generation video processing platforms for broadcast and streaming high-quality video, announce new publishing features and qualification on its software based AVC and HEVC video compression. This expands the landscape of scenarios where Appears software transcoder can be applied.

The new HLS Push publishing available in the latest release has been awarded Qualified Encoder with Akamai MSL certification, adding to the existing file, transport stream, SRT and HLS Pull output options. Appears premium solution for live OTT, IPTV and VOD video compression can now be relied upon to deliver live OTT directly to the Akamai MSL service.

For operators who are eager to start with OTT services, the new software transcoder appliances from Appear provide OTT transcoding, packaging and origin with HLS publishing in a single system. For more feature-rich deployments, the software transcoder seamlessly integrate with Appears ABR just-in-time packager and origin offering extensive catch-up, nPVR and VOD support.

“Appear is enabling customers to centralize content preparation such as multi-profile transcoding, whilst decentralizing the OTT delivery to various systems,” said Mr. Magnus Solberg, Product Manager for software compression at Appear TV. “Enlisting our software-based video compression as a Qualified Encoder with Akamai MSL enables our customers to do this with ease.” 

About Appear TV:

Appear TV, based in Oslo, Norway, is dedicated to designing and producing world class equipment and solutions for the delivery of professional video services. The company’s mission is to deliver unique products that open up new opportunities for video distribution. We work closely with our customers to ensure that we are at the forefront of technology and at the same time offer user friendly products.